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Activities in the vicinity of

Les Cabanes de Rouffignac

Would you like to go out for a day? No worries , there is plenty to do in the vicinity of Rouffignac-Saint-Cernin-de-Reilhac, if you want to do something cultural, or rather something sporty, there is something for everyone. Below you can see some of the options, but certainly not all, for more information please contact us!


Kasteel muur

In the vicinity of Les Cabanes de Rouffignac there are several castles:


Canoeing on the Dordogne takes you past

Canoeing in the area is possible on the Dordogne or on the Vezere, there are also various organizations for this.

Climbing forests


Looking for an active outing for the whole family? Go to a climbing forest!



From small to large, there are different types of caves in the Dordogne that are definitely worth a visit!


French nogat selling man on the market:

There are weekly markets in various towns and cities around Rouffignac that you can visit.


Image by Tom Parkes

There are plenty of medieval villages and towns in the area, how about Perigueux or Sarlat?


Marché Gourmande dans Rouffignac!! Frenc

In the summer period, villages in the Dordogne organize weekly nocturnes (dinner evenings), these are super cozy occasions with often live music and real French cuisine.

Vide Greniers


Looking for unique souvenirs ? On the vide greniers that are organized every Sunday you have a chance that you will encounter something.

Other activities

Selfie with the bar/La Vieille Ecurie 😀

This is just a selection of what is going on in the area, more information can be found at the information board or ask Guus! :)

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