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Activities at Les Cabanes de Rouffignac

Don't feel like leaving the park? No worries, there is also something for everyone at the park. In addition, there is also a games and bookcase where everyone can fully enjoy themselves. Also an opportunity to follow certain sports matches at the bar. Since the summer of 2020, we have also put a new swimming pool with sunbeds with a fence and access door into use.


The balls are already ready to play a game of pétanque (jeu de boules).

Table tennis

ping pong.jpg

Outside the shed is a table tennis table where many matches are played.

Badminton / Volleyball

The badminton rackets are already ready to be used. Similarly, a volleyball for a volleyball battle.



The trampoline (with safety net) is also ready to jump on!

Play golf

Golfing at the park is so much fun! â__³

At our holiday park you can play golf on our 9-hole (practice) course of 200 meters. Golf clubs are available for free. Guus would like to explain the basics of golf.


Enjoy a tour through the forest about the holiday park. Go-karts for young and old.

Mountain biking


Bicycle and walking routes available. Also take a look at our blog.


You also come to fish a mirror carp on Les Cabanes de Rouffignac. Swimming is not allowed in the neighbor's lake, but fishing is allowed.


There is a 9-hole foot golf course on site.

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